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Proposition No. 2

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Kingman County, Kansas
Unified School District No. 331
Kingman Norwich Schools

Proposition No. 2

Shall Unified School District No. 331, Kingman County, Kansas (Kingman-Norwich), issue general obligation bonds in an amount not-to-exceed $3,960,000 to pay a portion of the estimated $4,059,452 costs to:

  1. Make improvements to the existing Kingman Elementary/Middle School including remodeling of certain classrooms and support spaces, improvements to roofs, improvements to and/or replacement of the gymnasium floor;
  2. Make improvements to the playground area at Norwich School including upgrades to equipment;
  3. Make all other necessary improvements appurtenant thereto;
  4. Pay the costs of issuance and interest on said general obligation bonds of the District during construction of the Project;

All in accordance with the appropriate Kansas statutes.
The balance of the estimated costs will be paid by existing District funds or interest earned on the reinvestment of bond proceeds during construction.