When Your Student Should Stay Home 

Primary reasons to keep your student home from school include the following conditions. Your student may not return to school until they have been fever-free and symptom-free for a minimum of 24 hours.

  • Fever >100.3 F: Should stay home until there is NO FEVER for 24 hours WITHOUT MEDICATION. Call your doctor if the fever is with pain, rash, weakness, vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Diarrhea & Vomiting: Should stay home with one event of watery diarrhea or vomiting. Call your doctor if diarrhea or vomiting continues or with fever, rash or weakness.
  • Persistent Coughing: Should stay home if cough is worse than you would expect with a cold. Call your doctor if they have trouble breathing or a fever.
  • Sore Throat: Should stay home if sore throat with fever or severe sore throat without fever. Call your doctor if there is a quick onset of fever and a sore throat without cold symptoms.
  • Pinkeye: Should stay home if the eye is red with cloudy or yellow drainage. Call your doctor for treatment. May return to school after treatment is started and/or with release from the doctor.
  • Persistent Ear Pain: Should stay home if severe or recurrent ear pain. Call your doctor for treatment.
  • Chickenpox: Should stay home until all bumps are scabbed and no new bumps have shown up in 2 days. State Regulation: Persons not age-appropriately vaccinated who are unable to become age-appropriately vaccinated within 72 hours following first exposure are to be excluded from school for 21 days after last exposure.
  • Impetigo: Should stay home if red, oozing blisters with yellow scabs on body or face. Call your doctor for treatment and release to return to school.
  • Scabies: Should stay home with scabies itching and rash for 24 hours after treatment begins. Call your doctor for treatment.
  • Head Lice: Students need to stay at home until all live lice have been removed following the application of lice killing products or procedures. Our policy states that upon return to school, the parent/guardian should accompany the student and be prepared to provide me with the name of the pediculicide product used in treatment.

When there is any doubt in your mind about sending your student to school, consult your doctor. We may ask for a “Release to Return to School” from your doctor before returning to school.