Expectations at KHS 

Take ownership of everything you do ~ the good and not so good!Be a life-long learner ~ we all can become better at somethingMake decisions based on data for what is best for student learning and the educational process
Always give it everything you've got ~ all I ask is for you to give your best effort!Take the time to build relationships ~ no one cares what you know until they know you careAlways seek first to understand, then to be understood ~ keep an open mind
Respect yourself and othersBe cognizant of your responses/reactions to others ~ it most often is not what we say, but how we say itProvide effective and timely communication to all stakeholders
Always be aware of your surroundings ~ be an active part of the moment!Always do your best to model expectations and behaviorsBe a facilitator of change ~ identify the strengths of those involved to ensure success of initiatives
Make a positive contributionBe openminded and ready to give and receive constructive criticismKeep looking to the future, but take time to celebrate our successes