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Wichita State University has a High School Guest Program. Students can take up to 6 credit hours per semester. If your student needs to take more then 6 hours, please come talk to the high school counselor.

To enroll in the High School Guest Program please go to the website (linked below). Please make sure you read all of Wichita States' requirements and follow their instructions to get enrolled. http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=ugrad&p=/guestprogram/

Kingman High School also has requirements for enrolling in college classes while still in high school. Please follow these steps:

  1. Parent and student must attend an orientation meeting with an admissions representative regarding the High School Guest Program.
  2. Parents and students must complete all forms and enroll in the class(es) through Wichita State University.
  3. Parent and student must complete the following forms for Kingman High School:
    1. College Credit Consent and Agreement Form
    2. Parent Commitment and Transportation Form
    3. Liability Form
  4. Parents and students must communicate with the high school counselor regarding what classes they have enrolled in and the schedule. This is to ensure that the courses can be accommodated by the high school schedule.
  5. The student must give a copy of their Wichita State University schedule to the high school counselor
  6. The student must give a copy of the final grade to the high school counselor to ensure high school credit will be awarded.