Free Lunch

USD 331 Kingman-Norwich schools is pleased to announce that all students

enrolled in our schools in all grades will receive Free Lunches &
This is essentially a continuation of our summer food

  • Meals will be provided to all students.
  • We were just informed that this free food program is retroactive to the start of school on August 27th. We will be reimbursing meals charged to your family accounts.
  • This program is underwritten by the USDA and will be in place until December 31st or when the allocated federal funding runs out.
  • We will communicate the expiration of this program as soon as we are informed.

In the meantime, if you, as parents, experience a decrease or loss of income, you need to keep your Free & Reduced Meal application up to date. If you qualify for either, you will seamlessly transition to that status when the free program expires. IF you do not keep your
meal application up to date, your kid(s) will change to Full Pay immediately when the free program expires.

  • There will be  NO NEW Paperwork required to begin taking advantage of this free meal program. If your child was on Free Meals, they will remain on Free Meals
  • If your child was on Reduced Price Meals, they will now be FREE
  • If your child was on FULL Pay Meals, they are now FREE.

This program is available to all students attending On Site and to those
attending Remotely.

If you are Remote you will need to make arrangements to come to your school and pick up the meal up at the door.

Please be aware of the following:

•Extra food will be charged ala carte prices. This includes Adult Meals,
extra entrees, extra sides, extra milks, etc. and will continue to be
charged to your account.

•Snack Milk for primary grades is NOT free- it is 40 cents per carton.

Questions should be directed to Mandi Garrison, Director of Food Services