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Max Clark

Max Clark, 1 day ago

July 27, 2021
From the Kingman County Health Department:
Active COVID 19 cases have jumped from 4 active cases last Wednesday to 16 active cases as of Monday, July 26, evening.

4 of these cases are currently hospitalized.

A couple of our active cases have received full vaccination series, but they are not among the hospitalized.

Kingman County Health Department has learned of another COVID-related death, bringing the total deaths to 12 in the county.

We have also learned of 2 confirmed cases involving the Delta Variant since last report.

The COVID-19 scene in Kingman County has changed dramatically from last week and is similar to what we are seeing across Kansas. The people we are seeing most heavily impacted by serious illness, hospitalizations, and variants of concern have not been vaccinated. County Health has been getting more requests for COVID-19 vaccination, and are working to respond to those needs.

As of Friday, August 6, KM Co. Health tentatively plans to start offering COVID-19 vaccinations on Fridays in addition to Tuesdays. We have heard concerns about side effects and had requests to get vaccine closer to the weekend; we hope Friday appointments will help ease those worries. We continue to offer all 3 COVID-19 vaccinations available: Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. Please call Kingman County Health Department at 620-532-2221 to schedule your vaccine.

If you aren’t able to get here, please check out to find a COVID-19 vaccine provider near you.
This is a great time to update the other vaccines that are needed as well.

Max Clark

Max Clark, 13 days ago

Outstanding Educational & Informational video hosted by Kingman High's own student, Sukesh Kamesh with Dr. Norman of KDHE. Worth your time if you want to learn more Facts about COVID and vaccinations. Click on Youtube Link

Max Clark

Max Clark, 14 days ago

From: Kingman County Health Department
July 14, 2021

As of 9:15 today, we have 2 active COVID-19 cases. One of these people is currently in the hospital. None of our active cases are vaccinated.

If you are wondering how Kingman County is doing on COVID-19 vaccinations, please check out the data on the Kansas COVID-19 vaccination website:
To break it down per 1000 population, we are sitting around 42% for fully vaccinated people among all vaccine eligible people (12 years and older) in the county. For total county population, the percentage of fully vaccinated individuals is around 36%. We do have all 3 COVID-19 vaccines on hand to help improve these vaccination rates-give us a call at 620-532-2221 to schedule an appointment-we can vaccinate anyone 12 years and older. Anyone who has had COVID-19 still needs to be vaccinated, as we are finding vaccination is providing a more robust immune response in comparison to natural infection.

Infection rates are trending upward, especially in areas where vaccination rates are low-viruses are going to spread and adapt when allowed to be transmitted more freely. Fully vaccinated people have a much lower risk of serious illness and hospitalization…and quarantine is not required when fully-vaccinated people are identified as close contacts to people testing positive for COVID-19. Fully vaccinated people are also not asked to mask up when in public in most settings. If anything, we encourage everyone to consider vaccination’s benefits. We have come a long way in this pandemic, but the pandemic is not over-there are people still getting seriously ill; let’s continue to look out for each other.

Max Clark

Max Clark, 3 months ago

Preparing for graduations today! KHS at 9:00 a.m. & Norwich at 3:00 p.m.
Congratulations seniors! #GoEagles

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