Our Students Need Many Things to Succeed...

Mental Health and Community Services

Our students don't exist in a vacuum. Even our top students feel stress outside of the classroom. And we all know that when it rains, it pours. Maybe Grandma is in the hospital. Maybe work is doing layoffs. Maybe your child just got a new, and scary, diagnosis. If you would like more information about KanCare, disability, psych evals, behavior assessments, WIC, etc. feel free to reach out to me. Maybe you don't even know what questions you have. That's okay, too! I've been down all those roads. I can point you in the right direction, let you know what to expect, and help you navigate those processes.

Additionally, Kingman-Norwich Staff is excited to let you know about a GREAT new service available to all of our students. We have a counselor who will come to the school on a regular basis to provide therapy for students. This means you (as a parent) will not have to worry about scheduling or transporting your child to appointments. Students won't have to miss hours of classtime due to travel. If your child has asked for counseling but you don't know where to begin; if your student is struggling with anxiety or depression; or if you would just like to start a conversation, please click the link below and complete a (short) referral form. It will come straight to me and we can explore the best options for you and your student: Referral Form

What about our staff?

We are looking into options for adding in-person mental health services for our staff. Until that is arranged, here are some other options available.

This website has trained listeners available 27/7 for free. Or for $150/month you can communicate with a therapist as much as you need.

911 is for emergencies. 211 is for everything else. Put in your zip code and your need. Or click on this link for Sedgwick County providers: Resource Guide

The insurance provider for USD 331 staff is BCBS of Kansas. Click the link above to be taken directly to the mental health provider search page.

Therapist KC Davis broke down questions to ask and things to think about when looking for a therapist. Feel free to print off the information and make notes when interviewing therapists.

How can I support you?

Our Communities

My goal is to support you and help you be successful. Whether that means completing paperwork, making referrals, or coordinating mental health services- I'm here for you, your family, and our students. You can also click any of the buttons below for a list of services in your area.

How can I reach Ms Loveland?


  • Give me a call! Just call the office at your local school and ask for 'Lydia Loveland.' My direct extension is x2352. If I do not answer, please leave me a message. Not all missed calls leave a record on the phone. If you do not leave a voicemail I will not know you called.

  • You can email me at lloveland@knusd331.com. This is usually the best way to reach me.

  • I have a phone number just for students to text me: 913-914-7574. If you text me during class time I WILL NOT reply. Your phone should be put away! Why leave your phone in your locker?

  • Click this link to request an appointment on my calendar: KMHS Booking Page, KES Booking Page, & Norwich Booking Page. You can bookmark those pages. You can also request a Google Meet time, if that works better for you.

Ice Cubes

I. C. E

[In Case of Emergencies]

If you are in crisis, please don't wait to get help. I may be available to you at that moment, and I may not.

What can you do?

  • Talk to a teacher, para, or coach

  • Talk to office staff, counselors, or one of the principals

  • Take a quick break in the Safe Seat, Zen Den, or Sensory Pathway. Make sure a staff member knows where you are; a staff member must be with you if you visit the Sensory Pathway.

  • ALWAYS remember you can call or text 988 at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) if you are feeling depressed, like hurting yourself, or wishing "you just didn't have to do it anymore." Those are hard and heavy feelings, and no one should have to carry them alone.